Robert Branning

Bob has 30 years of power plant engineering and operations experience, beginning his power plant career in 1983 when he joined JEA (formerly Jacksonville Electric Authority) on their project management team constructing the St. Johns River Power Park (SJRPP). In 1985, he joined the SJRPP plant organization as they initially staffed the plant and was responsible for the initial contract acceptance testing of all major plant equipment. In 1996, following his early career as Results and Performance Engineer and the lead engineer for plant fuel flexibility, he was promoted to Operations Manager responsible for management of Power Block Operations. In 2001, he was called back to the Engineering Dept. to lead efforts for compliance with the Clean Air Act Amendments and began a series of plant upgrades including retrofitting low NOx burners, pulverizer capacity upgrades, over-fire air and SCR systems. The combustion improvements associated with these upgrades allowed the plant to burn 30% petroleum coke, direct-fired in two of six pulverizers on each unit. In 2007, he joined Tackticks, LLC a Raliegh-Durham based company working in the niche field of SCR optimization. Then in 2009, joined Fuel Tech when Tackticks was acquired by them. He joined Breen Energy Solutions in 2011 as Sr. Manager of Technical Services responsible for after-sales client technical support. Bob earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Miami in 1982.