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Breen-SA Probe Brochure Cover

Breen-SA Probe – Dew Point Detection and Measurement

The Breen Sulfuric Acid Probe (Breen-SA Probe) was created specifically for the sulfuric acid processes and this challenging environment. It provides a quick indication of process gas moisture leaks and a periodic measurement of sulfuric acid dew point.


Breen Probe S03 Brochure Cover

Breen Probe-SO3 / ABS / ADMSO3 / Ammonium Bisulfate / Acid Dew Point Detection & Measurement

Successful control of sulfuric acid and AbS levels can have a significant impact on the overall performance of any electric-generating unit in terms of improved operations and maintenance costs.


Breen Probe ADM Brochure Cover

Breen Probe – ADM
On-line Detection and Measurement

The direct measurement of the process gas dew point provides plant and process operations with information that would otherwise be a multi-variable equilibrium problem that is neither elementary nor precise. Breen Probe technology removes the guesswork and provides real-time feedback for control of process gas temperatures.


Dry Sorbent Injection Doc

Breen Dry Sorbent Injection

Breen Energy Solutions provides a broad range of technologies and services to the fossil fuel power generation industry that help utilities manage their emissions and the Balance-of-Plant impacts resulting from their emissions control systems.


Dynamic Speed Controlled (DYSC) Air Heater Sootblowing Control System

Breen’s patented DySC system uses a vector drive to dynamically change the speed of the air heater rotation to ensure full penetration of soot blower media from innermost to outermost baskets.


Abstracts & Papers

Breen SA Today Article

Detecting Real-Time Moisture Leaks in Acid Plant Process Gas

Sulphur Acid Today, Spring 2020

Understanding that the industry desires long-term, ultra-low maintenance, it appears that the “above dew point mode” measurement philosophy has been commercialized and proven effective to detect moisture leaks, while maintaining a clean and dry sensor in between moisture events.


Sulfur Mag Doc

Acid Dew Point Measurement and Control – Process Instrumentation

Sulphur Magazine, January-February 2017

Acid dew point measurement of sulfur condensables is desirable for controlling critical process parameters as well as plant safety in processes where SO3 gas is present. In this article, C. Chothani of Breen Energy Solutions discusses the application of acid dew point measurement technology to a copper smelter in Spain, as well as the need for a new sensor for use in sulfuric acid plants.


SO3 Measurement Doc

The Evaluation of “SO3” Measurement technologies and their applicability for their use in the control of hydrated lime injection feed rates.

Presented at the Power Plant Pollution Control and Carbon Management “MEGA” Symposium, August 16-19, 2016


SO3 Measurement Doc

Enhanced Gas CoFiring Experience at Orlando Utilities

Presented at the Power Plant Pollutant Control and Carbon Management “MEGA” Symposium, August 16-19, 2016


SO3 Measurement Doc

Sulphuric Acid Measurements at ppb Levels at a Natural Gas-fired CCGT

VGB PowerTech, March 2016

Data collected during these tests provides clues to the phenomenon where tubes experience corrosion activity at temperatures well above the bulk flue gas ADP.


Dynamic Control Doc

Dynamic Control of DSI for SO3 Management

Presented at the Power Plant Pollutant Control and Carbon Management “MEGA” Symposium, August 2012


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