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Process Improvement technologies for fossil fuel-fired steam and power generation

Breen provides a wide range of cost and process improvement technologies and services for the fossil fuel-fired steam and power generation industry. Breen’s products and services are broadly classified in three categories: Acid Gas solutions, Sorbent Injection solutions and Combustion products. Most of these products and services are applicable to this industry.

Measurement Technologies

Sulfuric Acid/SO3/Dew Point Measurement

All fossil fuels, to some degree, have sulfur which oxidizes to SO2 and then to SO3 within the combustion process. The SO3 fraction further combines to form H2SO4 (sulfuric acid) within the flue gas. The sulfuric acid may further combine with elements, such as NH3 (ammonia) and Na (sodium), to form even more-corrosive condensates.

Some of the negative impacts from sulfuric acid/sulfur condensates include:

  • Corrosion in ductwork and equipment
  • Fouling of equipment, such as tube bundles and air preheaters

The impact of such issues is higher operational and maintenance costs, greater equipment wear and tear, increased downtime and reduced efficiencies. Operators, therefore, tend to run their plants at higher flue gas temperatures to prevent condensation and corrosion which has a significant impact on heat rate/efficiency.

The patented Breen Probe measurement system can measure the presence, concentration, species and dewpoint of sulfuric acid and other sulfur condensates. This information can then be used in operational decision making, process optimization, efficiency improvements and other solutions to these problems, such as mitigation of these compounds using alkali injection.

Thermap Air Preheater Model

In the case of air preheater fouling, it is critical to understand exactly where inside the air preheater the fouling deposits are accumulating in real-time. The Breen Thermap thermodynamic air preheater model, combined with the deposition depth model, can accurately predict in real-time the depth and location of such deposits. This information can then be used in operational decision making and mitigation control processes, such as alkali injection.

Sorbent Injection Solutions

While acid gas management solutions focus on the measurement and optimization of existing equipment and processes, sorbent injection solutions focus on the mitigation of pollutants. Sulfuric acid and sulfur condensables in the flue gas produced during combustion can be mitigated using alkali sorbents to protect against equipment and duct corrosion, and air preheater fouling, as well as to reduce stack emissions resulting in a blue (acid) plume.

Breen provides the following sorbent injection services and equipment:

  • Hydrated Lime Dry Sorbent Injection demonstrations
  • Semi-Permanent Dry Sorbent Injection system rental, lease or sale
  • Long-term operation of DSI systems
  • DSI system maintenance and optimization
  • DSI system redesign and upgrade

The above technologies, by themselves or in various combinations, provide the necessary tools to utility and power operators to meet the increasing market and environmental demands as they navigate the balancing act between economic viability and regulatory compliance.

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