Pulp and Paper

The Pulp and Paper Mill Process consist of many different combustion processes.  Pulp Mills typically have various combustion processes ranging from Refuse Fired Boilers, Lime Kilns and Black Liquor recovery boilers.  In many of these processes the flue gas temperature will drop below the predicted acid dew point.  Having a means to measure and control the dew point temperature will allow the operator to eliminate, or minimize the effects of corrosive flue gases on the process metal work.  The Breen AbSensor-ADM takes the guess work out of the process by providing a real-time acid dew point measurement.

These combustion processes also require turndown capability as the demand for steam and electricity fluctuate throughout the operational day.  In order to cope with these demands the combustion processes require a reliable, continuous duty combustion source.  The Natural Gas Cofire Technology is designed to meet this need.