Whether the need is energy generation, refining, conversion of metal to useful products or industrial production, there is always a need for creative and unique solutions that help operators balance economic viability with environmentally friendly footprints.

Breen is committed to identifying, developing and implementing these technologies around the world.

Breen uses science and technology to help their customers solve their biggest challenges by developing unique and creative solutions that only Breen can imagine.

Breen serves utility power, industrial, refining and metallurgical markets worldwide. Breen delivers innovative products for Acid Gas Management, Sorbent Injection and Combustion. In addition, Breen provides consulting, testing and operational services.

The company was formed in 2002 to provide technology to help its customers in the fossil-fired utility power generation market solve their biggest challenge: balancing environmental concerns with economic viability.


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We work each day to be our internal and external customers’ most valued supplier of quality products and services that meet or exceed their expectations.

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Relentless pursuit of performance excellence across all of our business functions drives the results that differentiate us from our competitors. When faced with challenges, we seek resources to ensure the best outcomes and work toward our goals with a sense of urgency and purpose. We assume personal responsibility for achieving ambitious and measurable results.

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We take personal responsibility to ensure that the business is successful. We work safely each day with a focus on environmental stewardship, managing risks, embracing and driving change, and pursuing long-term growth and profitability. We are involved in our communities in meaningful ways through leadership and active support.

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Our Responsibility to Each Other

Teamwork among employees is a key driver of our success. Each of us promotes a safe work environment that allows employees to become involved in the business through challenging and interesting work. We provide opportunities for employees to enhance their education and skills for personal growth in current and future positions. We recognize each other for performance above expectations.



Breen Energy Solutions is founded to provide technology to help its customers in the fossil-fired utility power generation market solve their biggest challenge: balancing environmental concerns with economic viability.

2004 AbSensor and DySC

Most of the industry focused on NH3 slip measurement to help solve the air heater fouling problem. Breen strongly believed that the NH3 slip was already converted to AbS and, therefore, focused on measuring AbS. A measurement instrument was developed in 2004 that would accurately measure AbS for protection of air heaters. The AbSensor® Probe led to further development of the application of the EPRI thermodynamic air heater model, commercialized as Thermap. Next, Breen developed a Dynamic Variable Speed Controlled air heater sootblowing system. Known as DySC, the system was developed in collaboration with Duke Energy.

2008 Expanding Applications

Beginning in 2008-2009, Breen started exploring applications for the AbSensor dew point monitor in markets beyond coal-fired power utilities. Applications in CCGT-HRSG power plants, copper smelting, refinery boilers and more were developed. This expanded Breen’s reach into the industrial, refining and metallurgical industries. These applications also provided an opportunity for Breen to expand overseas.

2009 DSI/2012 ACI

In 2009, Breen began offering DSI testing services as a third-party independent provider to help customers make decisions independent of equipment and sorbent providers. As an independent DSI testing and semi-permanent system provider, Breen optimized each customer’s system as test result data was analyzed and incorporated into the design.

MATS (Mercury and Air Toxics Standards) rules led to the addition of Activated Carbon Injection to DSI. In 2012, Breen expanded their testing services to include ACI systems for mercury capture.

2010-2012 Smart Solutions: CoFire and FLGR

Fracking and natural gas production resulted in lower natural gas prices in the U.S. CSAPR (Cross-State Air Pollution Rule) added new limits to plant emissions, further limiting NOX and SOX emissions, which created tough choices for plant operators. Small plants might shut down and large plants needed to reduce Minimum Stable Load (MSL) to accommodate shifting demands and pricing. Minimum Operating Temperature (MOT) of SCRs was linked to the sulfur condensables in the flue gas, requiring MSL to stay higher overnight during low power demand. This resulted in an economic penalty and operational constraints. Breen developed an Enhanced Gas CoFiring (EGC) solution that included cofiring igniters and Fuel Lean Gas Reburn that allowed utilities to include natural gas in their fuel mix, thereby allowing them to reduce MSL overnight and reduce the MOT constraints on SCRs, as well as get additional NOX, SOX and other emissions reduction.

Enhanced gas cofiring delivers three clear benefits:

  1. Fuel flexibility
  2. Reduced MSL
  3. Reduced MOT

The bonus with EGC comes in the form of reduced NOX, SOX, CO2, ash and mercury.

Breen continues to work with customers in the U.S. and around the world to provide smart solutions in manufacturing and energy. The newly developed line of natural gas cofiring technologies addresses a range of needs from Class 1 Igniters to CoFiring Igniters and High-Energy Spark Igniters.


In June 2015, Breen Energy Solutions was acquired by HBM Holdings, a St. Louis-based company and the parent company of Mississippi Lime Company. The acquisition was sought out as Breen had developed technology and services that specifically help the utility and industrial markets respond to the increasingly more complicated and stringent environmental regulatory environment. Along with the MLC Flue Gas Treatment (FGT) Business, Breen has developed technology that optimizes the value of High Reactivity Hydrated Lime for coal-fired power plants.

Today, Breen is a leading global supplier of Combustion and Process Gas Dew Point Measurement, as well as Hydrated Lime Injection Equipment and Services. Breen uses science and technology to help customers solve their biggest emission challenges by delivering innovative products for Acid Gas Management and Hydrated Lime Injection Services along with consulting, testing and operational services.


Let’s talk about your acid gas challenges and how Breen Energy Solutions can help you solve them while maintaining economic viability and regulatory compliance.