TrueFire 3000 Gas Igniter

Breen’s TrueFire™ 3000 provides unmatched repeatability and reliability for main burner ignition, stabilization, furnace warm-up, temperature stabilization, in any duty service.

Product Overview:
The TrueFire™ 3000 Series gas igniters are the industry-leading gas igniters for use in any NFPA Class rating (1, 2 or 3). The all-in one design makes it the easiest retrofit, creates a clean burner front and provides the highest level of performance.

The signature characteristic of the TrueFire™ 3000 Series is simplicity: design, installation, performance. Simplicity of design, coupled with innovative engineering of the internal combustion process translates to nuisance trip-free performance.

TrueFire™ 3000 igniters are comprised of components designed for lasting service. All service connections flow to one location: the igniter head assembly.

The TrueFire™ 3000 is designed with a unique ‘safe-zone’ near the barrel tip. Inside this zone the fuel is started by the internal high tension spark system. Flame is maintained due to the unique nozzle design and mixed with the exact amount of air for maximum efficiency and performance. Within the ‘safe-zone’ is the flame ionization rod, which reliably proves flame.

Features & Benefits:
• Class 1, 2, or 3 per NFPA 85. Heat release from 0.5MMBtu/hr to 20MMBtu/hr
• ‘Safe-zone’ guarantees reliable light-off (99.99%) and continuous performance no matter the furnace conditions
• Rugged design, forced-draft means years of trouble-free service; no moving parts.
• Material components selected for continuous duty service, regardless of heat-release selected.
• Fits easily into existing igniter penetration, the ONLY penetration required.
• All-in-one design and advanced combustion engineering creates the simplest and cleanest retrofit for the burner front.

Designed for:
– Gas, Coal, or Oil fired utility power generation units with gas ignition requirements
– Gas, Coal or Oil fired auxiliary steam boilers on industrial sites
– Bio-fuel units
– Oil-fired heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs)
– Coal-fired circulating fluidized bed boilers (CFB)
– Industrial boilers
– Pulp and paper mills
– Combustion and heater vessels in
Chemical process industries
and more

– NFPA 85 Code
– UL Approved for Safety Application
– C-UL Approved for Safety Application
– ANSI/ISA S-82 (SIL 2 optional)
– NEC Explosion Proof (optional)