TrueFire 2000 High Energy Spark Igniter

Breen’s TrueFire 2000 provides industry-leading dependability and service to light off oil or gas fired igniters and small burners (fired heaters, reaction vessels, waste boilers)

  • Hottest firing plasma spark
  • Industry-leading energy release
  • Portable or fixed-mount
  • Plugs into 120VAC standard circuit
  • Firing circuit never wears out
TF2000 Energy Pack

TF2000 Energy Pack

Product Overview:
The TrueFire 2000 High Energy Spark Igniter (HESI) is a Special Class 3 Igniter used for direct spark ignition of oil or gas igniters or small burners.

The TrueFire 2000 is designed for extended service across industries requiring spark ignition for process burners. It provides 7,400joules of energy in 40 seconds; a plasma arc that is unmatched in energy release; lights any liquid or gaseous fuels.

The TF 2000 can be configured to suit virtually any application (fixed mount, portable, flex lance) and for any safety rating (EX, Zones 1 & 2); the three major components (energy pack; spark lance/tip; high energy cable) are easily integrated to suit the need. For specific severe or corrosive applications, retraction assemblies (including EX) can be provided.

Due to the plasma energy spark, the tip is self-cleaning no matter the service nor duty environment; it is designed for over 300,000 duty cycles.

Features & Benefits:
• Non-fouling, replaceable spark tip, providing 740 sparks in 40 seconds w/10joules/spark, fuel light-off is guaranteed.
• Fixed mount (with or without retraction) or portable; flexible or rigid lance. Configured to suit the application
• Cost-effective ignition solution where fuel igniters are not suitable.
• Unmatched reliability and safety (meets IEC and UL standards). Thyristor-based spark circuit provides years of safe service.

Designed for:
– Safe light-off of fired heater burners
– Safe light-off of reaction vessel lances
– Direct light-off fuel oil (#2 and #6)
– Direct light-off of gas-firing small burners (including low Btu gas burners)
– Direct light-off of high hydrogen content fuel burners
– Other combustion heating applications
– Ladle Heaters etc

– Fired heaters (all OEMs)
– Ammonia vessels (Kellogg process)
– Sulfur recovery units (Clauss process)
– Liquid/gaseous waste boilers
– Steam-methane reformers

– NFPA 85 Code Special Class 3
– UL Approved for Safety Application
– C-UL Approved for Safety Application
– NEC Explosion Proof (optional)