Combustion Products

For decades, the power generation and industrial markets have settled for multi-component, ignition/pilot flame technology which is semi-reliable and high maintenance. Breen has recognized this gap in technology advancement and has answered the call with the release of the TrueFire Combustion product line. The TrueFire Combustion line eliminates the fragmented approach by integrating gas supply, spark igniter and proof of flame, into one compact continuous duty component, designed to be installed and left in place for years of reliable operation.

Breen offers a complete line of technologies from High Energy Spark Igniters, to NFPA 85 Compliant Class 1,2 and 3 Igniters and High Volume Gas Co-fire, the TrueFire Combustion product line is a complete offering for natural gas ignition solutions.

Follow the links below for further descriptions on these long awaited solutions for the industry.

TrueFire 2000 Series – High Energy Spark Igniters

TrueFire 3000 Series – NFPA 85 Compliant, Continuous duty Natural Gas Ignition/Pilot Flame products.

TrueFire 4000 Series – NFPA 85 Class 1 Igniter Core with integrated High Volume Natural Gas Co-fire capability