Dynamic Speed Controlled (DySC™)

Air Heater Sootblowing Control System

Air Heater Sootblowing Control System

Limitations of standard fixed speed sootblowing

Air Heater tangential velocities may be up to 5 to 10 times higher at the circumference than at the center.

For E.G.

Air Heater

Air Heater

Sootblower Cleaning Ability = function(tangential velocity, peak Impact Pressure, Distance from nozzle, strength adhesion characteristics of deposits, residence time)

Air Heater

Variable Speed sootblowing

Standard Sootblowing Fixed RPM

The DySC sootblowing process maintains a Tangential Velocity at or below a desired value in order to maintain maximum media penetration.

DySC Soothblowing Fixed T-Velocity

The standard sootblower keeps the RPM fixed while the Tangential Velocity changes based on position of the nozzle.

DySC System