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Breen Hosts 6th Annual Workshops in Nashville

The sixth annual Breen Acid Gas Workshop and Users Group event was held on March 7 in Nashville at the Renaissance Hotel in advance of the Dry Hydrate Users Group.  Presenters’ topics for the Acid Gas Workshop highlighted the Interactive

Breen Expands Product Offering and Markets

{Carnegie, PA}  Breen Energy Solutions, an HBM Holdings Company, is changing its name to Breen to better reflect the broader range of product offering and an expanded industry and geographic strategy. Breen, known for its Absensor Probe and other high-tech

15th World Copper Conference

15th World Copper Conference 04 – 06 April 2016 – Santiago, Chile Chetan Chothani Presenting Powergen Europe

Sulphuric aid measurements at ppb levels at a natural gas-fired CCGT

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HBM Holdings acquires Breen Energy Solutions

{ST. LOUIS, MO} HBM Holdings Company announced today that it acquired Breen Energy Solutions, LLC, headquartered in Carnegie, PA. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Breen provides emissions measurement and mitigation technologies to the utility and industrial boiler markets,


Breen Energy Solutions (BES) is announcing its DeMerc scrubber additive technology at the Mega Symposium August 19 – 21. DeMerc is the first and only additive technology that not only prevents re-emission of oxidized mercury (Hg) in the scrubber, but

Breen Launches App to Calculate Dewpoint from Acid Gas PPM

{Carnegie, PA} Breen Energy Solutions (BES) launched an App which provides an easy way to calculate the PPM of acid gases if its Dewpoint is known, or to calculate the expected Dewpoint of acid gases for a given PPM level.

Breen Applies Acid Gas Technologies to Measure Sulfuric Acid in HRSGs

{Carnegie, PA} Breen Energy Solutions (BES) successfully applied their industry leading AbSensor-SO3 Acid Dewpoint Monitor in Gas and Oil Fired Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power units with Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) to measure ultra low levels of Sulfuric Acid.

News from Air Quality IX – Breen Introduces Co-Firing Process

The Air Quality Conference is a conference on emission control, especially around the critical issues facing the United States and world with respect to air quality and carbon management issues. Breen Environmental Solutions participated in the show making multiple presentations. Some

Breen Energy Solutions Granted Patent for Control of Sulfur-Trioxide SO3 in China

{Carnegie, PA} Breen Energy Solutions (BES) announced today that its patent application for ‘Method and Apparatus for Detection, Measurement and Control of Sulfur-trioxide (SO3) and Other Condensables in Flue Gas’ has been granted in China (reference number 200910211691.9). Breen has