Breen Energy Solutions (BES) is announcing its DeMerc scrubber additive technology at the Mega Symposium August 19 – 21. DeMerc is the first and only additive technology that not only prevents re-emission of oxidized mercury (Hg) in the scrubber, but also captures elemental mercury (Hg) and a variety of other metals.

Breen’s Chetan Chothani is presenting on this breakthrough technology, featuring data from a demonstration of DeMerc held at a 465-megawatt power generation station. The results were exciting:
• 98% capture of oxidized mercury (re-emission suppression);
• 50 – 75% capture of elemental mercury;
• capture of other elemental metals

“These are the kinds of results that are crucial for every power plant focused on MATS compliance,” said Chetan Chothani, Breen Energy Solutions Vice President. “Breen is pleased to be presenting these results which show DeMerc works for preventing re-emission and capturing elemental Mercury”

After this successful demonstration, Breen is commercializing the DeMerc technology, and will be available to discuss the scrubber additive process at the Mega Symposium and by contacting Chetan Chothani at 412-431-4499 or
Breen helps plants meet regulatory compliance mandates with a solution set that includes DSI, FLGR, acid gas measurement and more. Breen’s Fuel Flexibility solutions utilize interlocking technologies for measuring and tuning both combustion and emission control systems to maximize output while mitigating acid gas.

BES commercialized several technologies in the Acid Gas Management field including the AbSensor – SO3/AbS measurement system, TherMAP – Breen Online Air Heater Model and the Dynamic Speed Controlled (DySC) Air Heater Sootblowing technology and now, the DeMerc Mercury Scrubber Solution.