Breen Energy Solutions and Paragon Air Heater Strike Distribution Agreement for Sootblowing Control System

{Carnegie, PA} Breen Energy Solutions ( and Paragon Air Heater ( announced today a distribution agreement making Paragon the exclusive North American marketing and sales partner for Breen’s patent pending Dynamic Speed Controlled (DySC) Air Heater Sootblowing Control System.

“We’re excited to partner with Breen,” said Ken Fairleigh, Paragon Airheater Technologies President. “Combining Breen Technology with Paragon’s airheater expertise brings another unique solution to the ever-changing challenge of APC requirements and operational realities.”

Breen’s Dynamic Speed Controlled (DySC) Air Heater Sootblowing Control System helps reduce fouling in the air heater by solving major limitations of conventional sootblowers. By matching the speed of the sootblower to the rotation of the air heater and adjusting the lance position, the DySC system results in cleaning of the cold end all the way through from the innermost diameter to the outermost diameter in the most time-effective manner.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner than Paragon,” said Chetan Chothani, Breen Chief Operating Officer. “Paragon will help maximize the adoption and use of the DySC sootblowing technology and help advance the science of airheater cleaning.”

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Breen Energy Solutions, LLC (BES) provides acid gas management solutions to the Fossil Fuel Power Generation Industry. The company formed in 2002 with the mission to develop and apply new ideas and technologies to help utilities manage their emissions and Balance-Of-Plant impacts resulting from emissions control technologies.

BES commercialized several technologies in the Acid Gas Management field including the AbSensor – SO3/AbS measurement system, the Breen Online Air Heater Model and the Dynamic Speed Controlled (DySC) Air Heater Sootblowing technology.

Paragon Airheater Technologies is a worldwide supplier of engineered Airheater technology and equipment with a focus on plant productivity and APC performance. Paragon provides custom parts, services, and technical expertise specifically designed to improve the efficiency of APC equipment through optimization and modernization of the Airheater.

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