Breen Energy Announces Major Contracts

{Carnegie, PA} Breen Energy Solutions (BES) announced several projects and orders totaling over $2.5 MM. These include the sale of a semi-permanent Dry Sorbent Injection system to a Mid-West utility, multiple AbSensor-SO3 condensables monitoring systems to some of the nations largest utilities and two test programs focused on HCl and Hg capture that include Dry Sorbent and Activated Carbon Injection.

“As the needs of our customers change due to market and regulatory forces, we continue to add to the breadth of our offering to meet their needs,” said Cal Lockert, Breen Energy Solutions President. “We are advancing the industry through our experience, product development, and knowledge of acid gas issues. Our ability to adapt the available technologies and develop new processes means we can help our clients reach their goals.”

Breen conducts Dry Sorbent Injection demonstrations and installations for SO3 mitigation using Lime, Trona and other dry sorbents. BES also performs wet sorbent injection using Magnesium Oxide for slag control and SO3 mitigation.

Breen helps plants meet regulatory compliance mandates with a solution set that includes DSI, FLGR, acid gas measurement and more. Breen’s Fuel Flexibility solutions utilize interlocking technologies for measuring and tuning both combustion and emission control systems to maximize output while mitigating acid gas.

BES commercialized several technologies in the Acid Gas Management field including the AbSensor – SO3/AbS measurement system, TherMAP – Breen Online Air Heater Model and the Dynamic Speed Controlled (DySC) Air Heater Sootblowing technology.

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