Breen Applies Acid Gas Technologies to Measure Sulfuric Acid in HRSGs

{Carnegie, PA} Breen Energy Solutions (BES) successfully applied their industry leading AbSensor-SO3 Acid Dewpoint Monitor in Gas and Oil Fired Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power units with Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) to measure ultra low levels of Sulfuric Acid. Typical Acid Gas dewpoints, in this application, are expected to be in the 140 to 180 DegF range which would correspond to levels below 0.1 ppm. This innovation will lead to new applications and opportunities in CCGT-HRSG power plants, such as cold-side economizer temperature control for corrosion protection and improved efficiency.

“This is the kind of application of technology that Breen does best,” said Cal Lockert, Breen Energy Solutions President. “These are the types of individual innovations that when combined, can create an overall significant improvement in plant efficiency.”

After a successful test of the process, Breen has sold the technology in a first commercial application.

Breen helps plants meet regulatory compliance mandates with a solution set that includes DSI, FLGR, acid gas measurement and more. Breen’s Fuel Flexibility solutions utilize interlocking technologies for measuring and tuning both combustion and emission control systems to maximize output while mitigating acid gas.

BES commercialized several technologies in the Acid Gas Management field including the AbSensor – SO3/AbS measurement system, TherMAP – Breen Online Air Heater Model and the Dynamic Speed Controlled (DySC) Air Heater Sootblowing technology.