Acid Gas Management

Everything affects SO3… and… SO3 affects everything.

Boiler cleanliness, Ash Chemistry, back-pass cleanliness, sootblowing all effect the total SO3 at the economizer outlet. SO3 into the SCR effects SCR operation and Minimum Operating Temperature.

NH3 slip at the SCR outlet combines with SO3 to form Ammonium Bisulfate. This reduces the free amount of SO3 available post-SCR – which is good for Blue Plume mitigation – but creates a higher temp condensable that can foul the Air Heater. If the Air Heater has deeper cold end baskets, it may be ok to create AbS as long as the sootblowers are effective.

The Air Heater cold end temperature has an impact on the amount of SO3 that is condensed and removed across the Air Heater. This impacts ESP performance, Unit Heat Rate, Opacity and Blue Plume.

ESP operation and performance has an impact on Opacity, SO3 passing through the ESP and therefore Blue Plume.

Any Alkali mitigation system, depending on the injection location in the gas stream will impact any or all of these Air Pollution Control Devices.

Breen Energy Solutions believes that you can’t operate these APCDs and the mitigation system in isolation. We believe the objective is not to Mitigate SO3 but rather to Manage SO3 so that all these APCDs can continue to perform efficiently and minimize BOP impacts. Any technology, equipment or service that Breen Energy provides includes an implied guarantee that we will utilize our knowledge and expertise to help you manage your SO3 and minimize BOP impacts.